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Convincing consumers to do business with you instead of your competition.

Experts save you time and money...

Start out with a well thought out and flexible marketing strategy. It’s an absolute must for effective market positioning. The difference between most successes and failures is planning, period. You must research your market, your competitors, and develop a strategy to convince consumers to do business with you instead of your competition.
First and foremost, all of your marketing must be coordinated if you want to maximize your ROI and memorability. Great marketing concentrates on the consumer, people buy benefits, not features. For example, people don’t buy automotive service, they buy reliability, safety, etc.
Industry professionals are expert negotiators and can leverage their buying power to save you money. They can also save you time and greatly increase the effectiveness of the finished project.

Mike Olmstead Sr.

What, Why, How, When and Where

Creating effective marketing communication involves many skills...consumer focused benefit copy writing, graphics, pictures, typography, layout design, media buying & pre-press for print...concept, scripting, voicing, music, sound effects, mixing & station selection(s) for & audio scripting (screen plays), talent, staging, video & audio recording, lighting, props, editing and choosing where to air your commercials for television.

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Few entrepeneurs have all the above skills and many professionals don’t either. After nearly 40 years in advertising and marketing I have experience in all of the above. I do not produce ads for creative contests, I produce effective communication. If you have the budget to invest in top shelf marketing production I can get that done as well, but for most businesses it is unnecessary overspending. I have sufficient skills in all the critical areas of marketing to produce communication that gets the job done.

Start With The Basics

First, we make sure you have coordinated communication and develop benefit oriented promotion. Make sure your logo is professionally designed and consistently utilized. I design your advertising to be easily recognized no matter where it appears. The messages are repetitive in order to increase memorability. We work together to develop a marketing strategy that keeps you in front of the consumer, always asking for their business and giving them reasons to do so.

Amortized Production Costs

It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to accomplish truly memorable and effective promotion, but you have to plan it. Most businesses use marketing material repeatedly. The true cost of promotional material is per use based and I know how to keep the per use cost low.

Properly Value Marketing Performance


Similar to production costs you shouldn’t base the ROI (return on investment)direct mail of your promotion on just one use. Most businesses expect far too much from their marketing efforts, I show you how to properly evaluate your marketing investments. For example if an ad attracts only five new customers many consider it a failure. To properly value the ROI on the five new customers you have to credit not just the first purchase, but all future purchases, too. A customer that comes in off an ad and buys a pizza for $15 and then continues to do business with you weekly for the next year yields an annual ROI of $780, not just $15 and if the four other new customers do the same, the ROI for the ad is actually $3,900 in just the first year. Run the ad with similar productivity every month and it generates an additional $46,800 annually to your bottom line. Of course you have to factor in your customer retention percentages, but I am sure you get the point. Valuing the ROI of ads properly is a tremendous competitive advantage.


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