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Convincing consumers to do business with you instead of your competition.

Don’t Sell
Yourself Short.

Your market changes every year. Up to 20% of your customers move away and even more brand new prospects take their place. What are you doing to attract this new business before your competition?

80% of your potential market is already doing business somewhere. In order to grow a business you have to constantly try to convince consumers that you are their best resource.

You MUST vigilantly reinforce your customer’s decision to do business with you. Repeat & referral business is key to the growth of your business. When existing customers don’t hear from you, or about you, they tend to forget you, and they forget fast.. remember they are bombarded with tons of marketing messages daily.

Once you stop selling, you stop influencing buying decisions and your competitors start winning.

Mike Olmstead Sr.


Some businesses make things happen.
Some watch things happen.
The rest wonder what happened!
Make things happen. Get to the new business first,
attract a larger share of market and make
it very difficult for the competition to win.

To grow your business you must do three things continuously...

1. Attract your market’s new customers before your competition.
2. Convince your competitor’s customers to shop with you instead.
3. Stop your competition from luring your customers away.

The amount of growth your business experiences
depends on the amount of success you have in
each of the above key marketing objectives.

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Where are your customers?

As mentioned above your customers come from three areas, population growth, taking business from your competition and customer retention. Success in these strategic growth areas depends on consistent and effective communication with prospects and clientele...why should they do business with you, what’s in it for them?

Are your appeals for business professional, consistent, easily recognized and focused on the customer’s wants and needs, or are they haphazard and focused on you?

The eye of the beholder

Do the ads you run have a thread of commonality in
image and message? Is the design of your internal and external promotion (signage, letterhead, business cards, advertising, promotional materials, etc.,) consistently presented? If not,you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your influencewith the consumer by coordinating all your marketing tools.

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